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Basement Solutions

The most common methods for building foundations are, block & poured concrete. Older styles of foundations could be fieldstone or rubble & concrete. Therefore, each type of foundation can have its own unique problems and there are various methods for solving these problems. Our solutions can incorporate one or more of the following.

Window Wells

Window wells are subjected to great wear and tear as they tend to be ignored. When allowed to become clogged, water starts pooling in the area, this then washes over the window sill and into the basement.

Crack Injections

You often find vertical cracks in poured concrete foundations. Not all cracks either leak or will leak, but it is disconcerting when you find a crack, leaking or not. Call us for a free inspection and explanation of how the crack can be repaired. The preferred method for crack repairs is always a professional crack injection. The reason for it always to be a professional repair is that if it is done right the first time you save money and get piece of mind. If a crack injection is completed improperly then you are looking at having to do an external dig to seal the crack. This raises the cost significantly and also causes disruption to your landscaping, no matter how diligent the clean up is after the dig.

Re-laying Concrete Floors

If your floor has problems due to heave or excessive moisture, you may need to take up the old floor and re-lay a new one.

Comfort Flooring

Concrete by its very nature has a moisture contents, it also needs to breathe. Any material laid on concrete which can wick moisture (wood) will start decaying immediately, albeit slowly. Likewise any product which smothers the concrete, (plastic sheeting) will impair the concretes breathing. Our comfort flooring system will give you a sub floor which will keep your living space totally separate from the concrete and yet still let the concrete breathe. Some other benefits include a raise in temperature by about 20%, and a softer feeling floor.

Basement Lowering

If you need to increase the headroom in your basement, it may be possible to lower the floor. By lowering the floor, you also need to underpin and install an internal weeping tile system. Depending on the under floor plumbing and the sewage system you may also require an injector installed.


Walkouts are a dream addition to your home. However, when improperly installed it can become a nightmare. Due to the revised frost line, new footings are generally required. Not doing so is going to create severe damage to the integrity of the building.

Bowed Walls

If your basement is built with block and has a horizontal crack, you are in danger of the wall being pushed in at the bottom. You need someone to survey the wall and, if needed, install "carbon fibre reinforcing or pilasters". If the wall is already pushed then you may also need “coring and pining”.

Rebuilding Your Basement

You may rebuild you basement for various reasons, you want to add another storey, but the basement and footer are not strong enough. More commonly, you rebuild the basement when the house is in good condition but the basement is slowly decaying.

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