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Piering Solutions

Push Piering System

The Magnum Piering Steel Push Piering system is generically referred to in the industry as a resistance pier, friction pier or steel underpinning system. The system uses a series of hydraulic rams to push consecutive 3’ long sections of high-strength steel tubing into the ground to load bearing strata. Structures are stabilized and/or lifted once all pier sections are installed to the proper depth. After stabilization or lifting is achieved, the steel piers are permanently attached to heavy duty steel brackets that have been previously mounted to the structure’s foundation footings.

With over 40,000 homes and commercial structures successfully repaired across North America, you will have peace of mind knowing your most valuable investment will be protected by Magnum’s patented steel push piering system technology and guaranteed load testing installation procedure.

Helical Piers

An excellent way to prevent this situation in the first place is the use of a second type of piering called helical piers prior to construction. These can also be referred to as helix piers, helical anchors, screw piers, or earth anchors. Helical piers are screwed into the ground using a torque motor. The lead or first section is designed with one or more helix blades welded to the pier’s shaft, and each blade cuts it’s way downward into the soil as the pier is rotated by the motor. Additional pier sections called extensions are added to the lead section until the desired pier depth is achieved.

Additional uses for helical piers are:

  • New construction buildings and additions
  • Deep foundation piers
  • Earth anchors for slope stabilization
  • Shoring
  • Temporary and reusable tilt up wall anchors
  • Tie back and wall anchoring
  • Boardwalks
  • Pipeline and utility tie downs

Some of the many advantages of helicals are cost savings over other types of foundations, no soil spoils, no vibrations, no heavy equipment, extremely fast installation in any kind of weather; not subject to delays from ground water or caving soils.

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