Basement Wet Leaking Toronto


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Helping Homes

Local contractors giving back to the local economy, where they make their living. Helping local families keep their homes safe.

Helping Homes is a group founded by Ray Paiement to help families who are impacted by dangerous or unsafe living conditions. We are actively looking for families in the Hamilton-Wentworth / Halton / Peel Region who own their own home, but are unable to repair major defects or damages.

We are looking for those with financial hardship, particularly families with children or seniors in the home. Our specialty is waterproofing and structural repair of foundations, so that is one area of focus, however we have many partners eager to give back to our local economy. We have gathered the support of many of our local suppliers who are eager to give back, and provide materials for the right projects. Our contractors donate their time, expertise, knowledge and equipment ~ the suppliers have provided us with incredible support, as well as cash donations from sponsors.

We have a board of directors who are directly involved in finding and choosing those families we feel we can help the most with the resources we have available.


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